About us

Since 1985, thanks to more than fifty years of experience and to a close collaboration directly on construction sites around the world, TE.M.A. Srl is engaged in the design, construction and commercialization of:
Machines and equipment for stringing and laying high-medium-low voltage power lines of any type, telecommunications lines and infrastructures assembly.

TE.M.A. Srl is proposed today like an extremely flexible and dynamic company that promptly responds to the requirements of the yard by providing to the construction companies which operate in the stringing of power lines, effective standard or tailor-made solutions, for all the environmental and operative conditions.

TE.M.A. Srl through the use of the cutting-edge technologies offers a full range of products divided into three main areas, each of which is able to provide solutions and appropriate products to fulfill the needs of each customer:

The combined expertise and synergy of each of these sectors, an R&D department composed of experienced engineers and technicians, let TE.M.A. Srl able to offer on the world market a complete range of products, technologically advanced, with high reliability in conformity with standards "ISO 9001: 2008", allowing the end user to get a technical and economical optimization on the whole construction and stringing process.

Thanks to the above, and because of a lean and prudent business management, TE.M.A. Srl is constantly growing and can boast a strong presence in over thirty countries worldwide, consolidating and fostering collaboration with the most important electrical companies, main contractors and Installers for the transport and distribution of electricity and telecommunications.

TE.M.A. Srl also develops a range of products in the Oil & Gas and Energy industries, through two dedicated divisions.

TE.M.A. Srl Headquarter and manufacturing plant based in the north of Italy, currently occupies an area of over 16.000 mq

Sure of your interest, TE.M.A. Srl is willing to find, with you and for you, the right solution for your company’s need.

Headquarter and production plant.
Headquarter and production plant.